February 25, 2022

Hottest Kentucky Derby Soiree Coming to Town

Kentucky Derby Soiree The Loved Ones Left Behind charity has announced its first annual “Run for the Roses” Kentucky Derby Soiree fundraising event. The charity’s mission is simple: Help empower families as they recover from a suicide through financial and emotional support. Mandi Brown, founded The Loved Ones Left Behind (TLOLB) organization in the wake of her husband’s suicide in 2017. “Suicide not only takes the life of a loved one, those left behind experience confusion, grief, guilt, and a host of personal challenges for years afterward. After experiencing this in my own family, I felt a deep desire to help other struggling families,” explains Brown.

“Our first annual Kentucky Derby Soiree gives those passionate about our mission the opportunity to gallop on in and have a spectacular time while helping to raise funds to assist hurting families,” she says. The event takes place at Houston Oaks Ranch in Hockley, Texas on the same date as the actual Kentucky Derby – May 7th from 3pm to 8pm. Guests will enjoy classic derby drinks, hors d-oeuvres, casino games, horse betting, silent auction, and contests. “TLOLB has been able to support several families following a suicide or attempted suicide,” says Brown, adding, “We’ve done this through funds raised via our annual golf tournament and the generosity of our partners. We’re hoping the Kentucky Derby Soiree will break all the fundraising records for us.”

Brown and her volunteer team put hours into planning the festive event themed after the iconic horse race. “We hold an annual golf tournament for fundraising, but I don’t actually play golf and many of my friends who want to help don’t either. I always wanted to have a derby party, so decided to throw a fancy, glitzy derby-themed soiree that’s glamourous and fun,” she reveals. Those interested can visit TheLovedOnesLeftBehind.com website to learn more about sponsorships and ticket options.

Brown emphasizes that no one in the TLOLB organization gets paid, including her. “One-hundred percent of all funds go directly to families grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide or attempted suicide,” she says. Her personal goal for the organization is never having to say, “No,” to anyone struggling to deal with suicide. That’s why the success of the Kentucky Derby Soiree is so important for the fulfillment of TLOLB’s mission.

Head to The Loved Ones Left Behind website to learn more about sponsorships and tickets for the First Annual Kentucky Derby Soiree

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